Should I see a Chiropractor or a Physiotherapist?

Often we get questions about what is the difference between chiropractic and physiotherapy. Unfortunately the answer to this isn’t straight cut. Both professions strive to rid people of their aches and pains. Physiotherapy covers a very wide range of ailments from sports injuries  to respiratory difficulties and post operative patients. Chiropractors also work with a wide range of clients from new born babies, elite athletes to the very elderly. Physiotherapy historically works with muscles and chiropractic works more with joints. However as I’m sure you are aware your muscles attach to your joints so if you have a problem in one you’ll more than lightly have a problem in the other. Now a days there is a little overlap between the two, many chiropractors and physiotherapist have completed ‘add on’ courses in order to improve their skills base.

Here at Dynamic Chiropractic we have a great referrals system with local physiotherapist, so if it is a physiotherapist that you need instead, we’ll be sure to inform you and set up a prompt referral.

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