About Us

You are very welcome to Dynamic Chiropractic, Waterford. We have been helping those with pain and injury since 2003, with patients attending for treatment from all over Ireland, and often further a field. We can relieve and resolve many aches and pains including back hip & leg pain, running & sports injuries, work injuries, pain during pregnancy, foot pain & fallen arches, knee & ankle problems, neck & shoulder pain, headache, hand & arm pain and symptoms described as sciatica.

Dynamic Chiropractic Team

Dynamic Chiropractic Team

Many people will first think of physiotherapy or massage when they suffer an injury, but Chiropractic can also help and specialises in getting to the root of symptoms by alleviating their cause. We also use a diverse range of techniques including acupuncture to achieve the best results.

We have become renowned amongst athletes ranging from the most elite to the weekend jogger and cater for all ages from newborn to those approaching treble figures.

We look forward to showing you what we do, and helping you anyway we can. We pride ourselves on getting results and providing excellence in care at our custom built clinic, one of the most modern and spacious in Europe.

As specialists in the treatment of pain and injury at Dynamic Chiropractic, we can offer comprehensive assessment of any complaint you may have and hope to resolve not only your symptoms and pain, but also the underlying cause, enabling to go on to fulfil your full potential in all aspects of your life.

John Dineen, Erin Dalzell-Morgan & all of our team at Dynamic Chiropratic.